Glowing Soul Healing

Stefanie Griffin – Reiki, Energy Healing, Yoga and Crystal Healing

From a young age, I had a passion and calling for all things spirituality, being drawn to crystals, oracle cards and the power of the Universe. As I grew older, I learnt to keep this passion to myself and would rarely share my love for spirituality with others.

After working in both the not-for-profit and government sectors in front line support roles, in an attempt to follow my dreams of making a difference in peoples life, I quickly burnt out and realised I was not living in alignment with my true self. My burn out manifested into a chronic autoimmune disease leaving me searching for the best self-care methods to support my own wellbeing. This led me on a journey back to my roots and my true passions.

It was during this time, that I leaned in and listened to my intuition, leading me to begin my Reiki training. In addition, I completed my Yoga Teacher Training, which further developed my understanding of the subtle body and eastern philosophy. My studies became a journey of self-discovery, that let me tune in to my soul’s true desire to be a healer and share the gift of energy healing with others.

During my sessions, I hold space for you to become your own healer, whilst experiencing the magic of energy healing and yoga. I use my intuitive gifts and crystals to amplify the healing and afterwards offer supportive suggestions for you to continue your self-healing journey and step into the greatest version of you!

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