Past Life Regression And Healing (Quantum Healing)

Hypnotherapist: Lyn Schmidt

Trained by Delores Cannon – International Expert in Past Life Regression and Healing

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Delores Cannon technique is quite unique and goes well beyond past life regression. Through this method you can contact the “Higher Self” or the “Source of all Knowledge” to obtain answers to questions, to gain healing and closure, or to gain clarity for personal or spiritual growth.

You will go into a past life or a number of past lives of your choosing that are most relevant to your present life.
You will gain an understanding and awareness of your present life challenges and your soul journey.

You can ask questions of the “Higher Self”, for example as follows:

  • “Why have you shown me these particular past lives?”
  • “What is my life’s purpose?’
  • “What are my soul lessons?”
  • “Have I had a past life relationship with a particular person from this present life?”
  • “Am I following the correct path for me?”
  • “The “Higher self” is not the subconscious that is dealt with by hypnotherapists, but a different source of knowledge, a source that has all the information about every aspect of your life.

If appropriate very deep physical and emotional healing can take place during this session.

This process is completed in one session. You need to allow at least 3-4 hours for this work.Delores Cannon ‘s work is unique. Delores has immense knowledge and experience, has written numerous books and travelled the world with this technique.