Louisa Khoury


About Naturopathy

A naturopath is trained to seek the underlying cause of a disease rather than suppressing a patients symptoms. Every dis-ease presents symptoms which can be viewed as expressions of imbalance manifesting from a physical, mental and/or spiritual level. The primary focus is to treat the cause and promote health.

Naturopaths stand by core principles that help to educate and treat the individual as a whole and will consult to apply knowledge into areas of diet modification, lifestyle, exercise, environmental toxins and past history in order to put together a treatment plan that empowers the individual.

About me

Louisa offers an understanding and empathetic approach to each individual by adapting a treatment plan to the underlying cause rather than the presenting symptoms. She is able to draw on her knowledge and apply clinical research to deliver information in a way that the client understands and help to empower lasting change.

Louisa’s practice includes extensive knowledge and application of herbal medicine, holistic nutritional and lifestyle support, iridology screening and the added application of energetic medicine using Bach Flower remedies to assist with emotional blockages and support.

With the right support through Naturopathic principles, Louisa believes that the human body has an innate way of healing itself when the right environment is offered.


– Allergies/hayfever
– Food allergies/nutritional deficiencies
– Skin issues/eczema/acne
– Asthma/bronchitis
– Gastrointestinal issues/reflux/digestion problems
– Mental disorders/depression/anxiety
– Reproductive disorders/female issues/male issues/fertility
– Acute sickness/colds/flu
– Viruses/parasitic/fungal infections
– Metabolic disorders
– Supportive care for cancer
– Chronic illness
– Weight loss
– General lack of vitality/fatigue