Helen Wayland

0412 443 899

I am a fully qualified and government-accredited clinical hypnotherapist working with all age groups from children to the elderly. Hypnotherapy is a gentle yet powerful way to achieve change. We access the power of the vast unconscious mind to assist your conscious decisions, and remove hidden blockages or unconscious objections so that your life feels more on track, easier, and healthier.

Hypnosis is a particularly relaxing and focused experience and offers profound long-term relief for conditions like anxiety and insomnia. I am trained to work with all kinds of issues and have over a decade of experience. As a Masters-trained counsellor I also bring a deep understanding of the psyche and the issues that might be creating difficult or self-defeating behaviours.

Some of the issues hypnotherapy can help with:

– Anxiety
– General stress
– Insomnia
– Free yourself from smoking
– Study more effectively
– Weight management
– Habit changing – drinking,
  compulsive eating, nail biting, hair
– Panic attacks
– Phobias and fears
– Trauma
– Grief
– Pain management
– Healing in mind and body
– Preparing for major surgery
– Relationship issues
– Improve your performance – sports,
  music, public speaking, exams
– IVF and infertility issues
– Pregnancy and childbirth
– Post-natal depression
  Many more..

Please call me on 0412 443 899 to discuss your own issues and to see if hypnotherapy will be an effective method for you.

I am also a trained practitioner of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing), and a Clinical supervisor to hypnotherapists and counsellors.

Master of Counselling, Dip. Holistic Counselling, Master Clinical Hypnotherapist, MNLP. ACA trained and accredited Counselling Supervisor, and member of ACA College of Supervisors. AHA accredited Hypnotherapy Supervisor.

Clinical Member AHA, AAHTC, Level 3 Member ACA.