JeromeDr. Jerome Dixon
B.App.Sc (Chiropractic)
B.Sc (Biochemistry). Member COCA


Jerome Dixon has been practicing Chiropractic since graduation in 1994, has also completed a science degree majoring in Biochemistry, undergraduate studies in Dietetics at Deakin University; and post graduate studies in headache and migraine management as well as further studies in non manipulative methods (SOT). Dr Dixon is editor of & keeps up to date with all the latest research from around the world.

All treatment provided by Dr Dixon is Evidence Based, and based on sound principles in Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation.
Treatment is specific to the individual, gentle and adjusted for any relevant or absolute contraindications. There are a number of methods that Dr Dixon can use, to suit the patient including gentle traction, soft tissue mobilization, biomechanical wedges and activator. Manipulative treatment is another option only when appropriate. Dr Dixon is happy to discuss your case with your GP. A progress report to your Doctor can be arranged and any suggestions by your GP, implemented.

Jerome Dixon Specializes in Diagnosis & Rehabilitation for common conditions including:

Headaches: Cervicogenic and Tension type headaches
Approach=History, Examination and Differential Diagnoses, report to referring GP Therapy may include improve neck / tmj/ shoulder dysfunction, lifestyle, postural, ergonomic, dietary advice where required Often co-management with GP/Optometrist/ENT specialist/ Orthodontist etc. where indicated.

Migraines: most types of uncomplicated (common) Migraine
Whether hormonally timed, strong familial predisposition or chronic; most migraine sufferers report headaches as a prelude or interspersed between migraines. Often the ingredients are similar, except there is more of a ‘recipe’ to consider culminating in the vascular response leading to migraine. A comprehensive, multipronged approach provides relief in the majority of cases; sometimes complete remission is also possible.

Mechanical Neck and Back pain includes myofascial pain syndromes.
Approach=History, Examination and Differential Diagnoses, report to referring GP Depending on patient preferences and any indications/contraindications: mechanical neck and low back pain responds extremely well to most types of Chiropractic ‘hands on’ therapy. It’s also paramount to eliminate lifestyle, occupational, postural re-aggravating factors and sometimes prescribe core stabilizing exercise advice.

Low back pain and sciatica including discogenic radiculopathy.
Approach=History, Examination and Differential Diagnoses, report to referring GP Often requires a gentle non-smt approach. Often includes flexion-distraction therapy, biomechanical wedges, soft tissue therapy, and activator.

General: Repetitive Strains & Joint Sprains:
Shoulder strains / rotator cuff tendonitis/ adhesive capsulitis/ tennis and golfers elbow/ carpal tunnel dysfunction hip dysfunction/ knee strains and sprains: mild to moderate : especially extrinsic ligamentous and biomechanical issues ie: genu valgus. Mild-moderate ankle sprains, Pes Planus and repetitive strain of medial arch, plantar fasciitis…

All patients will receive a management plan which will take into account:
medical history, medications, lifestyle, exercise, dietary, postural and stretching advice. Therapeutic outcomes will be measured regularly to determine progress. Obviously symptoms need to improve over time. But also we will be looking at range of movement and capacity to perform tasks which may have been difficult before

Chiropractic Care combined with Massage therapy provides a powerful complementary approach to most Joint and Muscular problems and is highly recommended for rehabilitation, management and prevention of most common complaints and for general musculoskeletal wellness.

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