Lumiere Reiki

Daina Masesar – Reiki Master

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese word that can be interpreted as Universal (Rei) Life Energy (ki).

It is a healing and relaxation technique that is safe, gentle, natural, holistic and complementary to other forms of therapy whether physical or emotional. Adults, children, babies and pets can all benefit from Reiki.

No belief system is required in order to receive, learn or use Reiki.

I have lived and breathed Reiki since 2007 when I wanted to take more responsibility for my own healing and thus met my own Reiki Master.

Reiki has helped me develop great self-awareness, become deeply insightful and improve my creativity. I’ve studied metaphysics and taught meditation, plus I train in self-defence martial arts to complement my Reiki practice. With a background in music and media, I understand trying to maintain balance in roles which are often demanding.

I believe Reiki is a way of being, very practical and highly transformational, and it is my goal to spread awareness and share the benefits of this powerful and gentle modality.