Adriana Custeau

Reiki Master-Diploma Coaching-RTT-Social and Emotional Intelligence

Empowerment through Reiki

Adriana has been a Reiki Master for almost 15 years. She strongly believes that any discipline we practice must support us to empower ourselves and to fulfill our life purpose. Reiki allows Adriana to help her clients to connect with their inner power and create the life they want. Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy that works at physical, emotional and spiritual level. It allows energetic blockages that are preventing self-healing to be released. It balances and amplifies energy, releases stress, help release emotions and increases awareness.

Adriana also offers her clients a combination of Reiki+Hypnosis session. The mind is very powerful and when we make it our best friend, it allows our thinking to be aligned with what we want in life and as a result we can achieve better results.

The Reiki+Hypno program consists of 2 hours session, your personalised MP3 and a follow up Skype call at day 21. During the 2-hour session a coaching session is held to find out what is the desired outcome and to discover some patterns that are on the way of achieving what the client wants. Afterwards there will be a 40-minute Reiki followed by a hypnosis session.

The hypnosis part of the session is like a deep meditation with intention. Adriana will record a personalised MP3 for the client so he/she can access it and play it for 21 days. After Day 21, Adriana likes to have a follow up session with her clients on Skype to further support them in their journey.

Prior to booking REIKI+HYPNO program, clients may like to book a complimentary 30-minute chat. Book a complimentary chat session at

0433 855 652