Esther Ram


Integrated Wellbeing

Esther Ram

With over 17 years’ experience as a Physiotherapist (having worked in all areas of Physiotherapy) from Academia, Research, Public and Private sectors treating Musculoskeletal, Neurological and Cardiorespiratory conditions to Gerontology and Orthopaedic Rehab & Pain Management, I discovered Kinesiology in 2009.

After a disabling workplace injury of my shoulder which resulted in chronic pain that did not subside despite being treated by Musculoskeletal and Pain specialists in their fields in the western medical model of pain management, I discovered Kinesiology as a “volunteer” to have kinesiology demonstrated on me at a Kinesiology “Open Day” and in just 15 minutes was pain-free!!! I made it my mission to study this modality to empower and enrich others and help them evolve to be the best version of themselves.


I am an Integrated Wellbeing Practitioner with the following qualifications:

  • A certified Kinesiologist (Professional Kinesiology Practitioner – PKP Format) with a Diploma in Kinesiology and currently pursuing further advanced studies in Kinesiology
  • I am also a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Coach (Success & Mindset Coaching)
  • Certified Positive Psychology Practitioner
  • Certified Time Line Therapyâ Practitioner
  • Have Hypnotist Certification Training (am also in the process of studying for my Master Practitioner Certification in NLP & Positive Psychology Coaching)
  • Post Graduate Diploma – Physiotherapy (University of Melbourne)

Who I work with:

I work with clients who are finding themselves “Stressed & Stuck” in life in general, either due to physical injuries, emotional concerns, relationship stressors, weight issues, performance anxiety – sports / work / life or work-life balance and success in general via an integrated approach involving Kinesiology and/or NLP Mindset & Success Coaching and/ or Time Line Therapyâ and/ or my Physiotherapy skill-set. I help clients find their MOJO ?

Some fun facts about me:

I’m an island girl at heart (Fijian born & bred), love a tropical beach holiday, love food, can change a car tyre in under 15 minutes manually, can deadlift 100kg (am 57kg) and am a Masters Bikini Comp Winner – 2015 (Which was the scariest and yet the best & most empowering challenge I’ve said yes to so far!! Thanks to my PT!

What is challenging you?
Call me NOW on 040 555 9342 for a 10-min ‘No-Obligation’ chat to see how I can help you now.