Dawn Collado
Dermal Therapy

Dawn Collado
Dermal Therapist
BHSci (Aesthetics Therapies)

dawn_colladoSkin Positive is a holistic skin clinic, born out of my extensive industry experience and
a passion for helping people feel happier in their own skin.

Through Skin Positive, I provide effective treatments that correct the skin and promote health
by rebuilding and restoring the barrier and reducing inflammation.

I have worked in the skin health industry for 19 years. I first qualified in beauty therapy in the UK in 1998, working in health clubs and beauty clinics. I quickly discovered a passion for results-based treatments and shortly after moving to Australia in 2002, I trained with cosmetic physicians to use intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy and gained laser safety qualifications.

This experience inspired me to pursue further learning. In 2009 I graduated from The University of New England with a Bachelor of Health Science in Aesthetics Therapies, which I studied concurrently with an Advanced Diploma in Aesthetics Therapies. Since then, I have worked closely with plastic surgeons, dermatologists and cosmetic physicians in busy medical practices.

I am also qualified in Reiki and Bowen therapy, and although I no longer practice these holistic techniques, they have given me invaluable insight into the body, energetic healing, and treating the causes of skin conditions as well as the symptoms.

I came across facial reflexology in 2015 and have found it to be the perfect combination of holistic treatment of the body and skin health promotion. I often combine facial reflexology with advanced treatments, which can give deeper insight into what may be causing a particular skin condition.

Conditions treated:
Visible capillaries
Excess hair growth
Uneven texture – pores/fine lines
Lacklustre complexion

Treatments offered:
Skin consultation and advice
Intense pulsed light (IPL)
1064nm Yag laser
Acne facials
Gentle skin peels
Vitamin A infusion
Facial reflexology
Holistic skincare

For more information please contact me on:
T: 0405 517 200
E: hello@skinpositive.com.au
W: skinpositive.com.au